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Cloud Scan

  • Advanced OCR Technology to automatically digitize your paper documents and business cards. (Optional service to digitize and verification by operator, achieve 99% accuracy.)
  • Convert and Digitize according to your budget
  • API Integration, CRM Integration

Mobile CRM

  • Mobile Scan App - Scan and Convert into contact data automatically, immediately.
  • Integrate scanned data to SAASKE CRM instantly.
  • Simple, Fast, Mobile CRM. It just do what you need to do.
  • Built for Sales Team. Sell..Manage on the go!

Web form

  • Web forms are integrated with SAASKE CRM.
  • Track the form behaviors.
  • You can use the forms in your website, mailing campaigns etc.
  • Store the responses received from the Web Forms in SAASKE.
  • You want custom forms, we will build for you.

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